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''Energy Medicine entered my life through Panayota, about a year ago at a time of my life when I mostly needed it!

Since then attending weekly sessions with Panayota has not only been a wonderful new journey that has help me to ground more whenever necessary, but I have been able to gain more energy in the physical body and bring peace in the heart and mind!" ~ Dora S. from UK

Panayota coaches groups and individuals

Learn how to self-care with simple tools from the world of Energy Medicine. Dive deep inside and learn how to regulate your own energy systems. This work is profound and offers quick energy fixes, as well as corrections from chronic energy imbalances. 

Panayota is fascinated by this method as it has offered her several powerful self-care tools to address a variety of energy imbalances. From the Triple Warmer Smoothie for soothing stress to flushing a meridian for clearing it from stale energy, or holding Neurovascular points to address specific emotional issues, Energy Medicine is a powerful way to get to know your body’s energy systems, befriend them, and support them for optimal functioning.


Together we will learn a basic Daily Energy Routine (DER) to start the day with. We will also address specific issues based on the needs of the person/group. Wear comfortable clothes, bring your water bottle, a stainless-steel spoon, and… be open and curious! [A video will be added here soon. Stay tuned!]

In EM, our hands become the medium. We use procedures such as tapping, rubbing, tracing, pinching, holding points, and using the power of our mind through visualizations and, very importantly, through setting the intention to work in alignment with nature. In EM, we trust that energy knows exactly what to do to support a person’s healing and well-being. Ii is based on the wisdom of 9 energy systems, the most well-known of which are the Meridians, the Chakras, and Aura. 

Contact Panayota at or 857-253-9115 to schedule a session or a group class. Panayota teaches in person or on Zoom.



"Panayota opened a whole new world to me:'' Energy Medicine!" 

She is such a dedicated instructor with a gentle but at the same time a detailed approach in each session. She always ensures to meet the needs of every individual and adjusts her per-structured session to allow it to flow according to the personal psychological, mental and/or physical ailments one may experience on the day!

I have always felt being safe, appreciated and supported in every session and that alone has lifted me in every way possible as a human being!

I feel grateful for having Panayota as my energy medicine instructor and owe to her a big thanks for my heart!" ~ Dora S. from London, UK

"I have been practicing EM with Panayota from summer 2021 in a small group via zoom. She is a beautiful person and a great teacher. She makes everything so easy to understand and do. She always asks for our needs and adjusts the lesson for the best result. She explains what we do and how to do it in our everyday life. I knew her as a great musician and person, but I think she found her path through teaching EM. Grateful for everything." ~ Angeliki P. from Athens, Greece

"Panayota with her pure, honest and unconditional love took me by the hand and helped me to understand and feel my body and my soul. She taught me -through Energy Medicine- that I can be the healer for my self." ~ Dina S. from Athens, Greece

"Panayota is a highly skilled and sensitive energy healer. She knows exactly how to apply which practices for an immediate healing response. Panayota is also a great teacher. She is able to convey the practices and self-care tools onto her clients so that they can continue to support​themselves with independence and trust. I am very happy to have met Panayota in a crucial phase of my life, and I know I will always revert back to her expertise and special skills."

~ Natascha S. B. from Hamburg, Germany




Panayota is currently working towards her certification in EEM


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