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From Dec 2020 and on


By Yota Haloulakou



The openness of now.

Connecting with who I really am.

Delving into my energy realm.


Becoming no one.

A dance of flames.

Movement and light.

Opening up, blossoming.

The rivers of my soul merge into One 

Vast, still fountain of love.

I am bathing in its waters.

A vivid image in slow motion.

As if time does not exist.

Pure energy. Life force.

Archangel Michael nearby watching.

A sense of encouragement in His face.

And satisfaction. Appreciation.


I am content.


By Yota Haloulakou



A trigger is asking us to go deep.

Allow. Accept. See. Don’t escape. Be patient. 

Just look. Feel. Cry. Express. Support. Alter.



By Yota Haloulakou



It feels good to connect with inner being.

It feels enough. It feels all there is.

It feels abundant and loving most of all.

I hadn’t realized how much I loved myself.

And how much myself needed to feel loved by me.

I understand my wholeness today.

Rumi’s vision.

My truth at this time.

Melting or charging, however you like it.

The breath is full, whole, wholesome.

There is abundance in the moment.

But how can I describe the indescribable?



By Yota Haloulakou



My body is a factory of love.

It produces fantastic vital organs.

It produces alive and thriving communities of cells and atoms,

where everyone uniquely serves the harmonious life of the tribe.


My womb is the nest of life.

It echoes the cheers of hundreds of generations.

It has the wisdom of the oldest tree.

Its roots deep in the soil.

Its juices unseen but omnipresent.

They move up and down like the finest bloodstream or meridian.

Its Qi has served humanity for ages.


My body is a factory of joy.

It feels pleasure.

It eats magnificent nutritious foods.

It drinks from the nectars of Mother Earth.

It moves to Her heartbeat.

It mirrors the playfulness of hundreds of generations.

It is meant to feel and heal.

Alive and fresh.


By Yota Haloulakou



Go easy.

Work less hard.

This applies to your insides as well,

Your organs, your muscles, your skin.

Your overall attitude towards your body.

How you pee, how you wash, how you carry yourself,

How you touch your body.

“Quiet down.”

The Archangel said that. They saw me.

They are with me.



By Yota Haloulakou



Confidence, settlement, non-guilt.

Ease of being.

A gentle feeling in the heart space.

Belly relaxed and wide open. 

A lotus flower at the center of my being.

I am free.

Untied by those hard knots of the past.

(I sometimes cut them with scissors.

But now it was energy medicine

And a clear intention for well-being.)

There is space for each and every single one of us here.

To find it we need clear boundaries in the name of our freedom.

I feel freedom in my bones today.

I feel grounded and supported.

I feel blessed.

I am hungry for life.


By Yota Haloulakou



I absolutely adore me.

I love my beauty.

I am beautiful.

I absolutely adore my head, my lips,

My vocal cords, my neck & throat.

I absolutely love my skin.

I adore my arms.

I absolutely adore my lymphatic system.

It has done so much for me.

I am so grateful.

I absolutely love my organs.

What gifts can I give you?

What do you need, lungs?

- Fresh air and oxygen.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, heart?

- JOY.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, liver?

- Detox.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, stomach?

- Nutrients & fresh & rich foods.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, spleen and gallbladder?

- Positive affirmations.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, uterus and ovaries?

- We need self-love.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, intestines?

- To listen to us and follow our lead.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, kidneys?

- Fresh water. Oxygen in the blood.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, blood?

- Exercise. Movement.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, bones?

- To trust us. We connect you with Earth.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, skin?

T- o touch, to caress, to press on.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, immune system?

- A break from expectations.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, cells?

- To love us all. Normal and abnormal.

     I will give you that.

What do you need, BODY?

- Be in the light. Lightness!. Be in your heart.

We need you to talk to us, we need your chills,

We need your healing sound, your laughter.

We need to be ONE with you.

     I will give you that.


So does my soul.



By Yota Haloulakou



C o u r a g e .

I am a Deliberate Creator.

I create my own reality.



By Yota Haloulakou



Bounding together with Health means first and foremost to care for myself.

To care for myself means to let my emotions out. To feel my emotions and

integrate any unsettled feelings. To give time and space to myself. To quiet down.

To seek exciting moments. To create exciting moments. To make delicious foods

and juices for myself. To eat fully present. To have rituals. To enjoy baths and showers,

to put on facial creams and essential oils, to get joy from the smells, flavors, sights,

and touches that I like. To not rush from moment to moment. To fully grasp each moment simply by allowing myself to be there. To feel, hear, and choose the vibration that resonates with my being. To laugh. To allow for making mistakes. To feel energy whenever I choose to. To not feel energy whenever I choose to. Ta take a nap. To earth myself. To receive light from the sun. To sigh. To touch my body. To move my body. To caress tenderly my skin. To talk sweetly to myself. To laugh with my silliness. To follow my gut feeling ALWAYS. To recognize I am beautiful. To sit.


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