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EQUIVOX is a brand-new vocal duet that consists of artists Konstantina Samakovli & Panayota. The two artists have had experience in a variety of musical settings: they have served as band leaders, educators, choir directors, and they have followed an active performing career for more than two decades. They both have a strong musicianship with years of studies in classical music. This world actually brought them together three decades ago and since then they have been enjoying a close authentic friendship. 

In summer 2021, they formed EquiVox and recorded their first album called Breaking the Spell. This highly improvised project that explores the world of emotions and beliefs is their attempt to meet musically, bond deeper, and bring to light aspects of their being. 

Breaking the Spell is available on Bandcamp


EquiVox w/guest Performance Artist Sofia Panagou

Inside The Maze

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INSIDE THE MAZE is a new collaboration between energy healer, writer, and

performance artist Birds WG & Panayota. Birds composes personalized healing texts for Panayota that she sets to music. In this project, Panayota is exploring a new musical voice that is based on her personal healing journey. Besides singing, she also performs on the keyboard for the first time in public, and she is also responsible for the production. It is an exciting and highly creative process. 

Inside The Maze is a series of HEALing adventure songs.


Birds WG/Panayota

Exploring the Vibrations of Integration & Wholeness

For voice & keys

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